Theodoros Papayannis: The Return to Elliniko (2014)

A Day in the Life of Thanos Lipowatz (2013)

The sculptor Theodoros Papayannis gathers friends, collaborators and apprentices in his birthplace, the village Elliniko in Epirus, Greece, and creates a route of sculptures from the village’s entry towards the historical monastery of Tsouka. The sculptors are inspired by the memories of country life and the natural landscape, and the land itself offers the materials: The scattered stone, useless metals from junk yards of recyclable materials, marbles that are donated by marble factories of Ioannina, are transformed into artwork within 20 days and they are donated to the community. Along with the museum that he founded 4 years ago in the old, built out of stone primary school in which he also studied as a young boy, Theodoros Papayannis creates an outdoors sculpture park, thus establishing a place for artistic expression unique in Greece.


Script - Direction - Cinematography: Panayotis Kravvaris
Original Music: Dimitris Fritzalas

Editing: Nikos Gavalas

Production: Panayotis Kravvaris


Festivals - Awards:

Greek Documentary Festival of Halkida, Greece - 1st prize for best short documentary

Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, Greece

International Film Festival of Patmos, Greece

International Documentary Festival of Peloponese, Greece

Bansko Mountain Film Festival, Bulgaria



Is there a final and complete answer to the crisis? How easy is to have an opinion about the political situation these days? Are Greeks real Europeans? The Greek intellectual Thanos Lipowatz spends one day in Paris, in Berlin and in Athens, three cities associated with his biography, and he meets friends to discuss on psychoanalysis, on the relation between ethics and politics and on Europe and Greece in the middle of the crisis.


Script - Direction: Panayotis Kravvaris

Cinematography: Wiktor Roch Dobraczynski - Panayotis Kravvaris

Original Music: Alexis Bayas

Editing: Nikos Gavalas

Sound Recording: Spyros Tsitsis

Sound Engineering and Mixing: Panos Angelothanassis

Production: Panayotis Kravvaris



Greek Documentary Festival of Halkida, Greece

Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, Greece


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